Poker-Stars Leaderboard – Current Leaders 03/03/09


As the month of February came to an end, no one could catch up to Zackattak13 who picked up nearly 1000 chips on the PokerStars Monthly Tournament Leaderboard in the last four days to secure the first place finish. Zackattak13 received $5000 from PokerStars for his victory this month. BruceWizayne managed to bring in almost 1500 chips in the last four days of the month, which shot him from seventh place all the way into the second place position, picking up $3000 in prize money. Bringing in the $2000 third place prize was OLD TIME GIN, who held onto the third place position nearly the entire last half of the month.

With a slow finish to the month, 1$ickDisea$E slid from a second place seat into fourth in the last half of a week, but it would still be good enough to earn him a $1000 prize. Another big mover in the last few days of February was D1rtyR1v3r, who brought in over 1000 chips in the last four days to win the $750 fifth place prize. With an impressive three final tables in the last four days, piloteg came flying from outside the top 100 players to take down sixth place in the leaderboard race, which would be good enough for $500.

After spinning the wheels for the last few weeks of the month, ob_1_cannoli continued to slide and ended in 7th place, which would bring in bitcoin blackjack  a $400 prize. THE_ALPACA also continued to slide, eventually ending with a $350 prize for the 8th place finish. Another slow finisher, baneris, ended up in ninth place after starting the month at the top of the leaderboard. The ninth place finish however was still good enough for $300 in prize money. Rounding out the top 10 was Patrolman35 who held steady at that position for the entire last week of the month and earned the $250 tenth place prize.

For the players who finished in 11th-25th place, the prize money would slip to $200. The prize money would slide once again to $150 for all of those players who ended the month in 26th-50th. The players who rounded out the top 100 received $100 for their efforts, while the 101st-200th place players received $50.

Just three days into March, it is ace_cider who is out to an early lead with just under 3500 chips already. Close behind the leader is pino1234, who has already shot up nearly 3400 chips. Rounding out the top three so far is StefanProdan who sits just over 400 chips behind the leader with 3073. Be sure to come back next week to see what the standings look like as the race for March begins to heat up.

The complete top 10 so far for March looks like this:

  1. ace_cider – 3499.24 chips
  2. pino1234 – 3377.56 chips
  3. StefanProdan – 3073.12 chips
  4. swooshdog4 – 2848.43 chips
  5. WoodBrave – 2820.15 chips
  6. LittleHippie – 2736.63 chips
  7. cardlo69 – 2685.01 chips
  8. Padraig – 2536.63 chips
  9. Jasonfp – 2463.05 chips
  10. alesanre – 2439.07 chips

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