Are your skin character easy cause acne?

Headed to acne problems, skin problemshas been seen as the most annoying things, to determine their own skin, the regular part of their care as a benchmark, but basically we are all mixed skin, just so people of sebum secretion, he preferred to see oil or dry. In order to have a healthy, beautiful skin, please check your own skin, skin to identify where the problem lies.

Nose, forehead easily growth acne.

The nose is easy to face the site of oil, so coarse pores large, easy to pile up sebum, and the formation of acne.

Forehead is easy to face the T-oil part of the site.

Cheek, eyelid easily growth acne

Parts of the cheeks dry, it is not easy cause acne.

Eyelid often overlooked, but the amount of sebum secretion is more than expected.

Around the mouth

Sebum secretion close to a strong chin, and they are also vulnerable to oil. Should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid cosmetics, wash supplies residual dirt.

Some acne treatment Tips

The work of sun protection must do best.UV is the enemy of the skin! It would induce acne growth, and made the acne scar to deepen. But some of the value of high SPF sunscreen will make the skin uncomfortable or even caused acne, so the most sensible solution is to strong sunlight less time to go out, or wiping moderate SPF sunscreen, with parasols again.

Hormones acne cure goods is not uncommon, but this is actually drinking poison to quench thirst. A lot of skin in the use of hormonal products to destroyed, unbearable regret. Also you can read about “where can fillers be used on face” here

To keep the skin clean, normal diet and regular schedule of acne patients in fact is very important, we do not just go for medical treatment to the neglect of the small details of life, oh ~

Whitening process can not “instant”

All beauty experts have told us that whitening can not be completed overnight, and the sooner to remove the pigment, skin the price paid by the greater!

Whitening products as a result of the present composition is still inseparable from the “acid” the media incentives, so long-term use of skin whitening products have the burden because the acid caused by the phenomenon of dry sensitive. In addition, if long-term in the epidermal skin dry conditions, and is likely to have aging and wrinkles. Therefore, in the use of whitening products, we must at the same time highly functional moisturizing cream, make-up was also normal to minimize the use of highly water absorbent powder.

In addition, the case of black spot, if not necessarily in the short term on the ruthless, it is recommended only in the evening you had better use a strong component of whitening products, because sooner or later every day so that if faced with water shortages and minor skin sensitive to the situation during the day the work pressure, emotional, air conditioning, pollution will be more to accelerate the speed of skin aging, but produce another outcry skin problems.


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